Care Instruction

It is important to know about handling and storage of breads & baked goods that are especially consist of natural ingredients. It is very similar to how fruits and vegetables work. Do you know when have your fruits or vegetables gone bad? Is here any expiry date for fruits & vegetables?

If you understand the concept of “freshness”, then it is much easier for you to handle and store your breads & baked goods. 

  1. Do not put your hand into the container/ plastic bag that contains bread when your hand is damp/wet.
  2. Always make sure the container/ plastic bag is dry and clean.
  3. If you see condensation in the container/ plastic bag that contains bread, use the kitchen towel to dry clean it, or change of container/ plastic bag.
    • Condensation formed may due to
      1. the bread is still warm / weather / temperature of an ambience eg. in the car.
      2. Inside container is warm while outside is cold eg. you keep the container in the car and then bring it into an air conditioned room.
      3. The bread is turning moist and mushy.
  1. Cool and dry area.

Shelf life may up to 3-4 days, subject to handling, condition of the natural yeast/sourdough of the particular batch, weather, etc. Also, the texture and flavour may be depleted over time.

2. Store in freezer, may up to 1 month.

Quality of the bread is very likely to be retained.

3. Do not keep breads in the fridge/ chiller.

Breads will get dry very quick, and the quality of bread may be depleted very quickly.


  1. Chilled cake – best consume chilled, and within 2 days.
  2. Ambient cake – best consume at room temperature, within 2 days. If cake was chilled, let it rest for at least 15-20 minutes before eating.
  3. Some cakes can be consumed chilled or at room temperature, subject to individual preference.
  4. Both chilled cake and ambient cake can be stored in fridge/ chiller up to 4 days. However, quality may be depleted over time.
  5. Proper storage eg. in a sealed container, may prevent the cake from getting contaminated by other foods.

Any further question on handling & storage?